Have a dog in co-ownership?

Our system works based on exhibitors (particularly membership numbers).

For every membership number you have, you need an account on our system with that membership number.

So this means that if you have 3 dogs under your personal membership number, and 1 dog under a partnership, then you need to create 2 accounts.

You can streamline this process on the Add Dog page by entering in the membership number for the partnership, and the system will copy the required details from your personal account (password, address, contact information, etc.).

Once the accounts are created, add the dogs to their correct owner's account so that clubs will be given the correct information when you submit your entries.

To save time and money when entering your dogs to shows, you can and should grant access back from each of your partnership accounts to your personal membership number (or whichever account you use to enter most). The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Create partnership account.
  2. Add dog to partnership account.
  3. On the My Dogs page, press the Manage Access button and grant access to your personal membership number.
  4. Logout of the partnership account and back in to your personal account.
  5. A notice will appear at the top of the page with a link to the My Dogs page; click this link.
  6. Accept the access request at the top of the page.

The dog will now appear on your personal account, but will have the correct owner attributed in your entry information.


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