How do I add a dog to my account?

To add a dog just visit the Add Dog page.

You will need to enter in the membership number of the owner of the dog, which is sometimes referred to as your Dogs SA number, or similar for other states.

If the membership number is already found in the system, the exhibitor name field will be automatically filled in for you. If not, just type this in now.

The name field must match your registration and membership papers exactly. If not, any entries you make may be disqualified and Easy Dog Entries nor any clubs utilising our system take any responsibility for this. You are responsible for the accuracy of all data you input to the system.

Next fill in the dog's registration number. You can find this on your registration forms. If the dog already exists in the system the exhibit name field will be automatically filled in for you.

If not, just type this in now, including all titles.

You can then fill in the rest of the dog's details. Make sure these details are accurate as they will be passed along exactly as-is to the clubs running any shows that you enter.

You must use the Sire and Dam's full registration number and name as recorded on your registration papers.

If your dog is an associate please use '0000000000' for the parents' registration numbers and 'Associate' for the parents' names. There is also a provision for Associate in the breed dropdown, under the Toys group - it is the second breed available.

When all fields are complete press the Add button at the bottom of the page and the dog will be added to your account.


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